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History of innovation

Innovation makes us strong and contributes to secure our future. Europlastiques developed “a definite taste for innovation” at all levels since right from the start. 

With all its products first, thanks to a creative design office, a fore runner always on the lookout for market trends. Our perfect knowledge of the food industry and constant market tracking let us think of original packaging solutions offering more and more services! 

With an R&D department always on the look for new materials, new dyes… bio sourced, biodegradable… our department participates in many research projects to plan the future of plastics while taking into account industrial, hygiene, food safety constraints and the end of life of our products.

With technology innovationsEuroplastiques contributes to shape the industry of the future: CAD, additive manufacturing, cobotics, data processing… we take advantage of our current innovative ecosystem to reflect on new strategies and future improvements.

Innovations have been the milestones in the history of Europlastiques