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Industrial tool

Thanks to its modernity, performance and connectivity, our production site is unique in Europe. We are very proud of it and keep modernizing it to remain competitive in Industry 4.0.  We want to have a state-of-the-art production tool that is adaptable and  scalable to follow the industrialization issues of our clients and contribute to the fluidity of their internal processes (stacking, destacking, sealing, pasteurization …).  At the same time, we are striving to improve the working conditions of our employees, optimize our industrial performance and energy consumption.

Ligne de production


Production lines

Ligne convoyage automatisée


Automated conveyor line


4800 m²

production area

LIgne de production automatisé


Automated production lines


autonomous lift trucks

Surface de stockage

5000 m²

storage area

From line automation…

All our lines are semi-automated. Several of them are equipped with packing robots and with the last generation laser vision control system. 7 lines are fully autonomous and the job of the operators and technicians consists in preparation, maintenance and quality control of the parts.

to automated flows

Our production area uses 3 automated lift trucks and an automated conveyor line for moving finished products to the warehouse. We are currently automating our warehouse and  have the latest generation of straddle lift trucks.

People are at the heart of our industrial organization

The automation system is deployed in collaboration with our operators and employees supported by an ongoing training effort. Aimed at boosting industrial efficiency, these improvements will also improve the ergonomics of our equipment and open up new avenues for our employees to develop their careers. In short, our human resources are always at the heart of our industrial developments. We promote skill development programs to improve our corporate performance and contribute to individual development: quality control of finished products, preventive maintenance, etc…

We want to reduce musculoskeletal risks as much as possible, particularly for heavy load handling tasks: desacking, moving moulds, or technical parts on presses, etc. Our buildings are equipped with handling aids. Projects aimed at reducing these risks are part of our innovation efforts and our employees are involved in them.