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Frequently asked questions

  • What is plastic injection?

    Plastic injection refers to the process of implementing thermoplastics. It consists of softening the integrated plastic in the form of pellets to bring it into the plastic phase and then injecting it into a mould to shape and cool it. The plastic injection makes it possible to achieve complex shapes in thin wall of the order of 0.5 mm at high production rate. The pieces made can be customized by a dye and/or a label directly into the mould during the moulding phase.

  • Are polypropylene containers recyclable?

    Polypropylene is one of the recyclable plastic families. Once collected, it is sorted and pre-washed and then crushed into sequins that will be washed, rinsed, wrung, dried, sifted and regenerated to obtain pellets.However, the so-called mechanical recycling process does not allow the use of recycled material for food applications, the chemical recycling currently under development will make this use possible.

  • What are the golden rules of recyclable plastic packaging?

    1-To be single-material and to be able to be integrated to a recycling chain
    2-To be composed of additives and/or dyes that will not disrupt sorting
    3-To Have associated elements (operculum, plugs..) that will not disrupt sorting